Naomi ...Harp and Piano

Elegant Harp Music in Kamloops

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Naomi presents elegant music for weddings, special events, hospital & hospice visitation in Kamloops and area. She collaborates frequently as accompanist and performer with music students and professionals, celebrates with exquisite music at wedding events, and brings comfort to patients recovering in hospitals or nearing end of life.

Naomi studied piano with Dr. Lyall Gustin, Order of Canada, whose musical genealogy extended from Beethoven, Haydn and Bach; Dr. Ted Isenor and Gloria Saarinen; and Dr. Robin Wood at the University of Victoria.

Naomi Cloutier is also an active participant in the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra where she is principal piano and harp. She participates frequently in harp master classes, chamber music, music festivals, and gala events.